Easy Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit

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Model 24SX  Sequence
Half Blind Tapered Sliding Dovetail Joint
Full Blind Tapered Sliding Dovetail Joint
Bookcase Project

Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit Includes  Plans to make a Router Stabilizer (wooden  part in photo), Precision machined Pin and Socket Guides,  Layout templates, and  a Woodline WL- 6303-ZZ , .500" 14 Dovetail Bit w/ integral bearing pak for precision dovetail formation.

Tapered Sliding Dovetails:
The tapered sliding dovetail is a marvelous joint used to join the edge of one board to the face of another without any additional mechanical fasteners or glue. This self- locking joint, perhaps the best joint in woodworking, has not been extensively utilized because it is very difficult to prepare.

Model 24SX - Easy Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit (Patent 6,732,444), from Allen Designs LLC now allows the average woodworker to prepare half blind and full blind tapered sliding dovetail joints up to 24" in length, accurately and reliably using any quality handheld router


Product Features:

Strong stable jointing with no additional mechanical fasteners. Cut the joint and put it together !
Can be knocked down after assembly
Can be glued for permanent assemblies
Stays secure as the wood expands and contracts
Works in hardwoods, softwoods, and veneer core plywoods
Unlimited applications: Bookcases, Cabinets, Desks, Chests, Tables, Chairs, Stools


Description Price
Easy Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit Model 24SX $ 200.00
8 Dovetail Bit Set: WL 6308-ZZ / WL 6427-ZZ  $ 49.95
14 Dovetail Bit WL6303-ZZ $ 24.95


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